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Watermelon Day at Museum of Life and Science

Special Melon-Themed Animal Programs Celebrate National Watermelon Day, Friday, August 2, 2013  


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Durham, NC - July 2013


On Friday, August 2, 2013 the Museum will celebrate National Watermelon Day with free watermelon-themed animal programs. Visitors are invited to bring whole melons for animal keepers to share with the Museum's animals and to watch as American Black Bears, Ring-Tailed Lemurs and farmyard animals receive frozen melon "pops", swim for melons and more. All visitors bringing a watermelon August 1-31 will be entered to win a special behind-the-scenes bear experience with the Museum's Animal Department Director.


“What better way to beat the heat than a cold slice of melon, especially when you’re wearing a fur coat,” remarked Animal Department Director Sherry Samuels. “During Watermelon Day guests get an up-close look at some of the techniques we use to keep our animals cool and hydrated - Tossing whole melons or frozen slices into the bear pool encourages them to swim for the treat. A melon with cutout holes in the rind gives our lemurs a unique challenge; they can see and smell it but often have to work to access the fruit!” 

Meet Our Watermelon Day Animals


American Black Bears 

Mimi - Known for her apparent love of the water, on a hot summer day Mimi can often be found swimming through the bear exhibit pool. 
Virginia –The white "V" shaped blaze on Virginia’s chest helps guests to identify her amidst the Museum’s other three bears.
Gus - Rarely seen in the water, Gus is frequently seen sitting next to the pool seemingly waiting for Virginia or Mimi to come out with watermelon for him to "steal."
Yona - The Museum’s youngest and smallest bear, Yona can often be spotted playfully chasing the other bears through the exhibit.

Ring-tailed Lemurs

Lycus – At 28 Lycus is the Museum’s oldest Ring-tailed Lemur and can often be spotted grooming the other lemurs.
Cassandra and Satyrus – A mother-son pair, these two are often found climbing through the exhibit trees in search of a snack. 



Special Melon-Themed Animal Feeding Schedule 

Join the Museum’s team of animal keepers to learn more about the hot weather care of the Museum’s animals as they cool off with frozen melons and watermelon slice “pops.”

•      10:00 AM   Pigs, Farmyard
•      11:00 AM   Bears, Main Viewing Platform

1:00 PM    Farmyard

2:00 PM    Lemurs, Main Viewing Platform
3:00 PM    Carolina Wildlife
4:00 PM    Bears, Main Viewing Platform




Special Melon-Themed Animal Programming
Friday, August 2, 2013
10:00 am - 4:00 pm 
Free with Museum Admission 


Special behind-the-scenes and advance access available for media; contact