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Museum Butterfly House Goes Blue with a Thousand New Blue Morpho Butterflies July 1‒31

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Durham NC -

This July the Museum of Life and Science’s Magic Wings Butterfly House will turn blue with a month-long release of over one thousand Blue Morpho butterflies from July 1–31, 2013. One of the largest butterfly houses in the Southeast, Magic Wings Butterfly House brings visitors into intimate contact with over a 100 different species of exotic butterflies in a tropical indoor environment. Each day this July, guests will have the special opportunity to witness new Blue Morpho butterflies released into the conservatory as part of free daily programs.

“So many Blue Morphos gliding through our conservatory will be a fantastic sight,” remarked Butterfly House Director, Ulrich Hartmond. “These butterflies are normally only spotted in the tropical jungles of South and Central America, but guests will be able to experience a massive number of these giant blue butterflies right here in Durham.”

Rainforest Conservation Supported by Magic Wings Butterfly House


Magic Wings Butterfly House brings the tropics to the Triangle and in doing so supports conservation efforts in these butterflies’ native South and Central American environments.

“For many of the farms with which we work, butterfly breeding represents a significant source of steady income and dramatically increases the ecological awareness of the local population. This unique type of farming is dependent on the conservation, and in some cases creation, of pesticide-free tropical environments,” remarked Butterfly House Director Ulrich Hartmond. “As exhibitors, we contribute to these efforts by purchasing pupae from farms practicing sustainable conservation efforts. In a way the blue Morpho is our prettiest advocate for the preservation of tropical environments.”

Opened in 1999, Magic Wings’ three-story conservatory has brought rare and enchanting butterfly species from Asia, Africa and Central and South America to the heart of the Triangle for almost 15 years.

About the Blue Morpho Butterfly


• The Blue Morpho butterfly is one of the largest butterflies in the world with vivid blue wings spanning from five to eight inches.

• Blue Morphos can be found in the wild amidst the tropical climates of South and Central America.

• The signature vivid blue coloring is the result of thousands of microscopic scales on the backs of their wings which reflect light to give them an iridescent glow.

• The underside of this butterfly’s wings are a light brown color and often have several eyespots which provide camouflage against predators such as birds and insects. When in flight, the contrasting flash of bright blue and brown gives predators the illusion that the Blue Morpho is appearing and disappearing.

A Thousand New Blue Morpho Butterflies

Magic Wings Butterfly House

On view July 1–31, 2013



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