News Room | Museum's Woodchuck Predicts Winner of Sunday's Big Game

Museum's Woodchuck Predicts Winner of Sunday's Big Game

Museum Prepares for Super Bowl Sunday with Best Bets; Winner "Predictions" and Award-Winning Engineering Sets



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Durham, NC - January 2014


Museum Woodchuck Predicts Super Bowl Outcome

In preparation for Sunday's big game, the Museum of Life and Science turned to  resident Woodchuck, Henry, to predict the outcome of this year's Super Bowl. Henry was offered two identical cards each marked with the finalist team logos and topped with a graham cracker treat. After a few tense moments spent investigating both options, Henry selected a treat, casting his vote for this year's winner. 

The verdict: The Denver Broncos will win. 

A favorite annual tradition of staff and visitors alike, the Museum's Animal Keepers have incorporated Super Bowl "predictions" into enrichment activities for the past five years. Used by keepers to encourage natural behaviors such as smelling and digging, enrichment activities also offer a unique behind-the-scenes opportunity for guests to learn more about the care and keeping of the Museum's sixty different animal species.

"Our daily programs and keeper blog allow us to share with visitors' the key role that enrichment plays in keeping our animals mentally and physically fit," said Sherry Samuels, Museum Animal Department Director. "But it's a toss-up who is enriched more by this activity - animal keepers, the woodchuck or our visitors." 

According to Jill Brown, Museum Animal Keeper Specialist, Henry's not a bad Super Bowl bet though. "He has about a 70% accuracy rate for correctly picking the winner which is better than some analysts."

Goldieblox at Museum of Life and ScienceIn addition to picking game day winners, the Museum's new store, Elements, is also stocking up on GoldieBlox kits. Winners of a free 30-second commercial during the third quarter of Sunday's big game, the engineering kits aimed at young female builders have quickly become a "must have" item with many Triangle stores selling out. Your best bet for snagging a set anytime soon? A visit or quick call to the Museum's new store. 

"We're proud to offer GoldieBlox in Elements and we look forward to the newest editions arriving in Elements this spring. It's wonderful to see such a worthwhile product receive national attention," remarked Betsy Hall, Retail Operations Manager. "We love how GoldieBlox engages a girl's natural desire to solve problems and leads her to discover she that she is capable of building amazing things."