Cynthia about to take a nap on a hide box.

Where are the Red Ruffed Lemurs?

If you have been to the museum lately you may have noticed the Red Ruffed Lemurs are not on exhibit. While our new Ring Tailed Lemurs are on exhibit in indoor viewing our Red Ruffed Lemurs are on vacation. By “vacation” I mean that they don’t have to come upstairs and be on exhibit. Instead, […]

Va and Yona stand off

Bear aggression

  This time of year the bears are getting more and more hungry.  We are getting closer to fall and for bears that means that it is time to pack on weight for winter.  The bear diet changes throughout the year to accommodate their dietary needs.  Those changes in the diet occur because of the […]

A not quite full-adult plumaged bald eagle makings its way south.

Bald Eagle

Over the past few days, I’ve been seeing reports of increased numbers of raptors moving through various observation sites both in the mountains and along the coast. I also happened to see a report of Monarch butterflies staging at coastal sites, specifically Cape May, NJ. The push is on. This is a time of anxiety […]

This downy woodpecker is digging a hole in the underside of this sweetgum branch, a winter roost for the bird.


If you haven’t noticed the turning leaves, migrant birds passing through, or even the acorns dropping to the ground, perhaps the woodpeckers excavating holes, new holes, in the trees here at the Museum or in your yard will convince you, fall’s here and winter’s not far off. Besides the holes that woodpeckers drill into trees […]


Custom gourmet coffee drinks

Perfect YUM! Come by the coffee shop, located in Elements museum store and let our experienced baristas make you the perfect refreshment. From hot and cold brewed coffee, lattes and espressos, to fruit smoothies and refreshing iced and hot teas, we’re sure to have just the drink for you. While you’re there, pick up one […]


DIY Air plant terrarium kits

If you’ve been by Elements, you’ve very likely noticed our window frames full of gorgeous air plants. It’s one of our favorite things about our store. Now you can take home a touch of that environment for yourself. These terrarium kits include everything you need to create your own hanging air plant terrarium, even the […]

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