Summer Camps over

With August done and gone so are the close to 50 programs the Keepers did for Museum summer campers.   I know, a really crappy picture I took of her, like other crappy pictures I take. HOWEVER… Katy is smiling in this photo:  

A very cooperative bird.

Green Heron poses for Photogs

Our resident green heron posed for pictures this past weekend. Local photogs enjoyed and appreciated the bird’s cooperation.           Come on out and get a few pictures for yourself!  

A Sphinx in Need, Busy Sulphurs, and a Tiger In-between

  The large green object that the smaller white objects are attached to in the above photo is a caterpillar, a hornworm, a rustic sphinx moth larva. The white objects are the pupae of a tiny parasitic wasp, a brachonid wasp, which lays its eggs under the skin of its host (like the unfortunate caterpillar above). […]


Fecal Cup

Often times I ask the Keepers if they can retrieve fecal (poop!) samples for me to test. Usually I send them off with a small dixie cup for collection but on one particular day I hadn’t given Keeper Autumn a cup for collection so when I radioed that I needed some feces from the Ring-tailed […]

Water bottles

BPA-free Logo Water Bottle

Show your Museum of Life and Science pride with this eye catching matte finish BPA-free logo water bottle.  The wide mouth lid allows easy access for ice cubes and up to 28 ounces of your favorite cold beverage.  A removable, flexible straw is connected to the clear flip-up drinking spout for ease of use and […]

Maker Dad

Maker Dad

Written by the editor of Make Magazine, this book gives step by step instructions to make a variety of engaging DIY crafts and gadgets designed to provide quality time between parents and kids.  Maker Dad’s twenty-four projects teach children lifelong skills like computer programming, musicality and how to use basic hand tools in addition to […]

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