Hunter, Aaron,  and Greg Guest pose with their bear tattoos after a behind the scenes bear program

Behind the Scenes bear program tomorrow

I’m leading a behind the scenes member-only program tomorrow at bears. Every program I tend to share some bear tattoos with the kids. I challenge the adults to don the tats and send me a photo so I can post it. Gretel Guest and her family sent me this photo after they attended a behind […]


Roominate: Inspiring the next generation of engineers

Roominate was designed by two female engineers from CalTech, MIT and Stanford.  Together they wondered how to inspire young girls to become interested in fields of engineering, so they created Roominate to appeal to a girl’s predisposition for problem solving while allowing hands-on discovery of STEM concepts.  Budding engineers can design and build multi-story structures […]


SoapRocks: Gemstones for your shower

We have an idea to make your morning shower a little more special.  Soap Rocks are natural glycerin soap scented with natural oils that look just like real gemstones, each with it’s own distinctive scent.  You can choose amethyst, black opal, jade or one of the many other varieties, although if you’re like us, you’ll want […]

Juveniles and winter adults lack the black ring around the bill.

Look Who’s Back!

  I first noticed the grebe towards the end of the day on the 16th of October. I hadn’t seen one here in our Wetlands since 2012, September to be exact.     These smallest of grebes likely to be found in the east, are by no means rare, or even uncommon. A trip to […]

A tailless skink.

A Tale of Two Tails

As I walked towards the Butterfly House on my way to my office, I noticed a small group of young children looking down at the ground and laughing, there must be something interesting over there. I approached. Lying on ground in the center of a circle of four or five squatting children, was a small […]

ZAS trail poster final1

Interns continue to help us out.

Davidson County Community College has a zoo keeper program. We typically get student interns every year. We help train them on what it is like to be an animal keeper.  I received an email from former intern Jill Sharp recently about their Haunted Trail event next week. The students are earmarking the funds they raise […]

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