Bug Jug

Bug Fill and Spill

Here’s something that’s sure to appeal to even the youngest entomologist.  The Bug Jug Fill & Spill is a soft jar filled with a soft plush spider, butterfly, ladybug and grasshopper.  These colorful multi-textured toys rattle, jingle, squeak and crinkle in little hands, encouraging tactile exploration and development of fine motor skills.  When the fun is […]

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QuikPic: who’s in the photo?

Any ideas who is  in this photo (and where s/he is)?

Foodie Dice

Foodie Dice

Do you know someone who likes to play with their food?  We have a unique and fun stocking stuffer made just for them.  Foodie dice provide a fun way to plan delicious seasonal dinners.  Simply grab the five primary dice (protein, cooking method, grain/carb, herb, bonus ingredient), add a seasonal veggie die and roll. Then shop, cook, and […]

An amazing group from Biogen Idec helped us out with bear yard work

Volunteer Groups.

Thanksgiving is coming so it’s important to remember and send out our gratitude to our volunteers. We’ve got lots of people who help us get our work done- we couldn’t get our work done without volunteers. We’ve got regular animal department volunteers, like Annie and Donald. We’ve got interns, like Jill and Katie (who are […]

Anxious, this merganser looks for an escape route.

Home Ice

We’ve had over a dozen hooded mergansers in the Wetlands for the past week or so. Monday and Tuesday nights (11/17 & 11/18) were cold enough to freeze over the water. There was one merganser on the pond Wednesday morning. The lone merg swam back and forth in a small open spot of water nervously looking […]

On the Dino Trail Mahonia's thick leaves bead up rain drops.

This Week

A handful of photos from the past several days.           Enjoy!

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