The Blacktail pack, with 15 wolves, was the largest pack on the northern range in 2011.

National Park Service photo

Yellowstone: How Wolves Change Rivers

I love Yellowstone National Park. I think it’s my favorite place to be. A couple years ago I saw wild wolves for the first (and only) time there.  Kristen went there and posted about it many years ago. Last week I got 3 emails regarding Yellowstone. One was from a woman who was heading there […]


Looking Down

Sometimes, it pays to look down. There are many creatures going about their lives at ground level. So, while you’re not looking up at the trees or the skies for birds or at the flowers for butterflies and other nectaring insects, keep at least one eye down where you walk, the ground, you might see […]

Yellow-Bellied Slider!

Quick Pic: Rescued!

While in the wolf exhibit, Aaron was skimming out the pool and as he flung debris out I realized there was a baby turtle in the mix! I quickly scooped her up and carried her out of the wolf exhibit. Our wolves are very skilled predators and this turtles fate would have been bleak had […]

All of our nest boxes look like this, empty (5/26/15).

Bluebird Update 5.26.15

  After the excitement of the last few months, all is quiet on the bluebird front. All six of our nest boxes are empty. We’ve had nests started by one species and finished off by another. Two nests were well on their way (with eggs) and subsequently destroyed by a competing species of bird. One nest was begun by one […]

Water bottles

BPA-free Logo Water Bottle

Show your Museum of Life and Science pride with this eye catching matte finish BPA-free logo water bottle.  The wide mouth lid allows easy access for ice cubes and up to 28 ounces of your favorite cold beverage.  A removable, flexible straw is connected to the clear flip-up drinking spout for ease of use and […]

Maker Dad

Maker Dad

Written by the editor of Make Magazine, this book gives step by step instructions to make a variety of engaging DIY crafts and gadgets designed to provide quality time between parents and kids.  Maker Dad’s twenty-four projects teach children lifelong skills like computer programming, musicality and how to use basic hand tools in addition to […]

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