Cangles: Turning Trash Into Treasure

If you’re looking for an affordable fashion statement that is also eco-friendly and made in the USA, we have just the thing for you.  Cangles are beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings made from recycled beverage cans.  Each piece is artfully constructed by hand and beautifully finished to last for years to come.  In addition, a […]

Here I am. I made the tracks in the photos above.

Duck Dance and Snowy Owl Update

  If you haven’t been down to the Museum’s Wetlands lately you should make a point of doing so. As I’ve mentioned several times in the last few weeks, the merganser numbers have increased. I’ve not seen as many of these magnificently plumaged birds in our Wetlands in the past 7 years. And, they’re putting […]

A male yellow-bellied slider taking in the sunshine.

A nice day to be out in the Wetlands

  With daytime air temps reaching fifty-nine degrees on Wednesday (12/17), at least one of our resident turtles made it out for a little sunbathing. A male yellow-bellied slider was awakened by the intense sunshine of the day. The sun’s warm penetrating rays apparently reaching and warming the bottom of the pond sufficiently to stimulate […]


FunScope Reflector Telescope

Funscope is great for kids and young adults who are interested in astronomy, but it is most certainly not a toy!    This telescope is easy to use, even for beginners, and FunScope’s 76mm-diameter optics collect 60% more light than typical 60mm beginner telescopes.  More light gathered means that Fun Scope will provide views of the […]


Another Christmas is almost here

It’s just about one week until my annual Christmas Blog post. Ah yes, the memories of Christmas’ past. It’s the one day every year that I cannot sit at my desk with my feet up.I have to work since I give all the Keepers the day off. Read about my past seven Christmas’ by clinking the […]


Alligator Noises!

Did you know that juvenile American alligators have a specific sound they make to call their moms? Female alligators are very protective of their babies and will guard or relocate them for at least several months and possibly as long as 2 years! Here’s Troy, our education gator, chirping:

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