Franklin 2

Creature Feature: Franklin Tortoise

Franklin, is a red footed tortoise. They can be found in the wild in South America and their conservation status is labeled as “vulnerable” right now because of habitat destruction and the wild population is being over harvested for the pet trade. Franklin is one of our education animals so he lives with the other […]

Anxious, this merganser looks for an escape route.

Home Ice

We’ve had over a dozen hooded mergansers in the Wetlands for the past week or so. Monday and Tuesday nights (11/17 & 11/18) were cold enough to freeze over the water. There was one merganser on the pond Wednesday morning. The lone merg swam back and forth in a small open spot of water nervously looking […]

300x300 elements holiday promo

Museum Store Holiday Promotion

You need to get your holiday shopping done with a minimum of time, effort and money, but you’d rather be hanging out at the museum enjoying some great family discovery time instead.  We know how you feel, and we have a promotion for that!  From now through December 31st, when you spend $75 in our […]


Lemur Enrichment

I’m always looking for new and novel enrichment to give out to the animals which can sometimes be a challenge. One day I was looking for a sensory enrichment for the lemurs and I was tired of using scents or spices. I remembered that we had leftover streamers from Cynthia’s birthday celebration. I decided to […]

On the Dino Trail Mahonia's thick leaves bead up rain drops.

This Week

A handful of photos from the past several days.           Enjoy!


Bump and Go Train

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a train lover this holiday?  These battery operated trains run on any surface, so they don’t need track.  They just chug their way across the floor and when they encounter an object, they reverse and move in the other direction.  They have an authentic sounding locomotive horn […]

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