cedar berries.

Seed Dispersal

  In my last post I mentioned at least one method in which plants manage to get from one place to another. “Perhaps a bird visiting the garden where the original plant was, or is still growing, ate one or several of the fruit. Passing by the Museum, the bird landed in one of the locust trees, depositing seeds in it’s […]

After hiding both deer legs in her den the female sat out in the open, to the delight of Museum guests.

Quick Look at Red Wolves

A pair of white tail deer legs were tossed into the red wolf enclosure by the animal keepers last weekend. The legs were donated by an employee here at the Museum who also happens to be a hunter. The wolves seemed to enjoy the treat.       The female, lured out of her den by the […]

dan and sign 002

QuikPic: Redundancy

Aaron was busy making new labels. This one was my favorite:  

Jill, Janine, and Sarah posing for a photo with my flip phone.

Last week’s sass from the Keepers

I love my little flip phone. It fits in my key chain so is easy to carry and always have with me. Me and my phone are fodder for many jokes. Last week I asked Jill to take a photo for me. She pulled out her phone and at the same time made some comment […]

Orion Telescope

Orion Telescopes bring the galaxy to you

Looking for some quality family time? How about an evening spent exploring the stars with one of our Orion telescopes.  Called one of the “best beginner telescopes you can buy”, our SkyQuest model features a  large 6” aperture perfect for viewing the moon as well as deep-sky explorations of galaxies and star clusters. Our favorite […]


Earn $10 Gift Card at Elements

The holidays are upon us and this season we’d like to make your life a little easier.  From now until December 31st, 2015, when you purchase $75 in product from Elements or Gizmo Garage (after discounts), you’ll earn a $10 gift card.  Give it as a gift or treat yourself!  We have toys and gifts appropriate […]

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