Superworms need enrichment too!

One night I was closing Carolina Wildlife and I was checking on all the animals.  I started to walk past the superworms when I saw that they had a structure in their container. Our crickets, superworms and mealworms all get a regular diet just like our other animals do.  But, if we have food scrapes […]

baby O

QuikPic: Aarongutan

It was, as you know, super cold last week. After Aaron took off his jackets and gloves, AND HAT, he looked like this. Doesn’t he remind you of a baby orangutan?

One of the geese tips up to feed at the edge of the ice.

Snow – Geese

  The water in the Wetlands, after several days of temps above freezing, has thawed a bit. A section of the pond on the far side of the Wetlands is open. Our two visiting geese, who have been absent since the beginning of last week due to the complete freeze up of the Wetlands at […]

Aaron (Animal Dept.) drives by, singing as he goes.

Behind the Scenes

I take many photos here at the Museum. Some you see here on Nature Watch, some you don’t. Most of the photos I take are of plants or animals, but if I happen to have a camera in hand as one of the Museum staff passes, or is working nearby, they may become the subject of […]

Maker Dad

Maker Dad

Written by the editor of Make Magazine, this book gives step by step instructions to make a variety of engaging DIY crafts and gadgets designed to provide quality time between parents and kids.  Maker Dad’s twenty-four projects teach children lifelong skills like computer programming, musicality and how to use basic hand tools in addition to […]


Cangles: Turning Trash Into Treasure

If you’re looking for an affordable fashion statement that is also eco-friendly and made in the USA, we have just the thing for you.  Cangles are beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings made from recycled beverage cans.  Each piece is artfully constructed by hand and beautifully finished to last for years to come.  In addition, a […]

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