Sit inside a real Apollo Space Capsule, explore a full-scale Lunar Lander, or touch a 13-foot tornado. See more than 75 animal species of Carolina Wildlife and more!


Visit our award-winning Explore the Wild. It's a 6-acre outdoor exhibit the National Science Foundation proclaimed a "national model" as the first science center expansion linking people with plants, animals, and interactive exhibits in the out-of-doors.
Contraptions thumbnail Contraptions
Build something that does something! Use pulleys, ramps, catapults, and more to design your own contraption. 
  albertosaurus Dinosaur Trail
Step into the world of paleontology as you hike the trail among
life-sized dinosaur models and dig for fossils.
Butterfly House thumbnail Magic Wings Butterfly House
Enjoy a tropical paradise all year long where hundreds of butterflies frolic among tropical plants.
  Explore the Wild
Study Black Bears, Red Wolves, and exotic Lemurs close-up. Walk onto our 750-foot deck and look out over a 2-acre wetland habitat.
Bayer CropScience Insectarium
Get a bug’s eye-view of exotic insects and their predators from around the globe.
  Catch the Wind
Discover how people, animals and plants move with the air - from seeds to sailboats and more, including the new Into the Mist playscape. 
ptl thumbnail Play to Learn
Play is a child's main job. Play to Learn, features many playful learning opportunities for young children ages 6 and under.
Visit the Farmyard animals – alpacas, donkey, goats, pigs, duck, turkey, steer and more.
Investigate Health!
Perform hands-on learning experiments to discover the science behind health issues.
  Ellerbe Creek Railway
All aboard! Climb aboard the Ellerbe Creek Railway for an old-time train ride through the Museum grounds.
a boy playing with table-top mirrors in the Flip It, Fold It, Figure It Out exhibit

Flip It, Fold It, Figure It Out!
"Play with Math" through engaging activities with patterns, shapes, and sizes.

  Loblolly Park
Just outside the Museum doors sits Loblolly Park, a play yard filled with all kinds of structures to entertain and delight.
Explore how movement affects what you hear and see in the new and improved exhibit.   
  a turtle in the wetlands
In the midst of Explore the Wild sits a lush and thriving natural wetland habitat. Use interactive activities to learn about the wildlife and plant life supported there.
Big chair

Math Moves

Immerse yourself in a world of large and small, shadows and shapes, motion and sound.





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