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Into the Mist
Sailboat Pond
Take Off! bungee jump
Seed tower



Get wet and stay cool in the mist that fills the Larry and Sharon Crane PlayScape. There is something mysterious about mist. Explore Into the Mist to experience the lure of this phenomenon and watch as droplets of water suspended in air form clouds which hover over small valleys. Listen to the rhythmic sounds of rain as it falls upon rock. Stroll through the lush green landscape and watch as rainbows appear then disappear. Climb through tunnels, make sand sculptures, or just sit, cool-off, and observe the beauty and awe of mist, landforms and rock.  


Captain a radio-controlled boat in the beautiful 5,000-square-foot elliptical sailboat pond. On the sailboat table, choose a sail, put it on your boat, and see how it moves with the wind. Flap giant wings to learn how insects fly by moving their wings forward and backward, not up and down. 


Take Off! invites visitors to experience a bird’s-eye view of Catch the Wind as they sail skyward on our bungee trampolines. Jumpers can reach heights of 20 feet above the ground—aided by the kinetic energy from some super-stretchy bungee cords.


At the seed tower, launch giant seed pod models and watch them float, parachute, tumble, spin and glide to the ground to explore the aerodynamics of seeds. The longer a seed stays in the air, the further the wind can carry it from the parent plant and the better chance it has of surviving. 


Make vapor rings like the ones that birds use to ride and soar overhead. Shoot air rings from air cannons at mirrored aluminum discs to reveal the ever-changing patterns of invisible wind.







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