Exhibits | Farmyard

Visiting the Museum’s Farmyard has been a popular family tradition for more than a generation. Children in particular make a connection with farmyard animals – often making the sounds they have learned, like “moo” for the steer or “oink” for the pigs. These domestic animals are easy to get close to!

The Museum’s farm animals are from both common and rare breeds. We have four alpacas, two pigs, a donkey, a Jersey steer, two rabbits, an owl, and a collection of goats.


Animal Enrichment

Our keepers do all kinds of things to keep our animals physically and mentally stimulated. Sometimes the animals get piles of paper to dig in, a new layout of their enclosure, or new sounds or smells. So if you notice anything unexpected in the Farmyard, it may just be part of our animal enrichment. 


Fun Facts about our new Alpacas:


  • Alpacas are animals that are farmed for their fleece, right here in North Carolina.
  • Baby alpaca are called "cria."
  • Not all alpacas spit, but all are capable of spitting.
  • Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) is a domesticated species of South American camelid. It resembles a small llama in appearance.
  • Hair color of alpaca can range from white to shades of brown and black.



Contact us if you have any other questions about the farmyard animals.