Exhibits | Bayer CropScience Insectarium

American stag beetle
Curly hair tarantula
Whip scorpion

You’ll never think the same way about bugs again!

Discover interactive exhibits that give you an up-close and personal view into the lives of selected members of the largest group of animals on the planet – insects!

The Bayer CropScience Insectarium, located in the Magic Wings Butterfly House, features a rare assortment of exotic insects from around the globe, making it one of the top destinations in the Southeast to admire entomological life cycles.

Since prehistoric times, insects have played invaluable roles: pollinating crops, decomposing waste and adding intrigue, color, texture and majesty to our world.

Take a journey through our insect world and watch large spiders, poison-dart frogs and other predators devour a meal of their favorite prey. Watch and listen to our live caterpillar “munch-cam,” an interactive video camera that you control to get a close-up view of a caterpillar eating.

What is insect locomotion – Do you think it might be difficult to walk if you had more than two legs? How does an insect use thermal regulation to adjust its body temperature to hot and cold temperatures? Are spiders really some of nature’s best architects and engineers? Just how strong is a filament of the Giant Orb Weaver spider’s web so that it is thin enough to be invisible to insect prey, yet tough enough to snare a flying bird without snapping? How do insects assist in the decomposition of plants and animals?

Insects are some the most beautiful, fascinating and least understood group of animals on earth. But after a visit to the Insectarium, your opinion about bugs will change from “Ewww!” to “Cool!”