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Magic Wings butterfly house
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Butterfly releases Mon–Sat, 11am and 3pm
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Magic Wings is a “total immersion” butterfly exhibit where guests will walk through a rainforest surrounded by 1000 tropical butterflies. One of the Museum’s most popular attractions, Magic Wings is a thrill for visitors of all ages with a dramatic 35 foot tall conservatory and the Bayer CropScience Insectarium. Magic Wings is among the largest butterfly houses around the world.



With this extraordinary facility, the Museum makes it possible to come into intimate contact with exotic butterfly species such as the radiant Blue Morpho or the huge, 5-inch wide Owl Butterfly, all in an indoor tropical environment. You will experience not only the stunning beauty of nature, but witness the fascinating interaction of plant and animal species in a natural setting. We maintain a tropical climate of 80 degrees F year-round which feels great during winter months and refreshingly cool when outside temperatures are climbing.

Hundreds of tropical butterflies flutter around you as they course through trees, seemingly dance with each other in mid air, hover over, and feed on nectar-producing flowers and tropical fruit. In their search for food and a resting place butterflies may even land on you.

Mary Martha Uzzle Emerging Wonders Window

Experience up close the wonder of butterflies emerging from their chrysalises, and learn about the complete metamorphosis that butterflies go through during their relatively short life cycle from egg to caterpillar to pupa (or chrysalis) to adult butterfly.

Tropical Plants and Flowers

The lush tropical vegetation creates a beautiful habitat for our exotic butterflies. Magic Wings contains over 250 species of plants, most of them flowering plants that are known to be nectar and pollen sources for our butterflies. Profusely flowering Pentas and Firespikes are mixed in within a collection of unusual and even rare tropical foliage plants.

The area near the entrance has a fruit and spice theme and includes familiar tropical trees like Coffee, Cacao (the source of chocolate), Starfruit, and Guava, and spices like Cinnamon, Pepper, Allspice, Vanilla and Cardamon. Other fruit trees like the Jaboticaba and Golden Apple are usually only encountered in the tropics.

Water-loving tropical plants, including gingers and aroids form a steam-side garden. The southwest corner of the conservatory, which gets the strongest sunlight, contains plants that are adapted to drier conditions such as the Shaving Brush tree and Desert Rose.

The plantings along the east-wall represent a dense rainforest habitat with trees, vines and understory plants native to tropical rainforests around the globe.