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Realizing the full potential of the Museum requires enthusiastic supporters and committed partners. Investments to support our annual fund as well as special projects such as exhibit fabrication, educational programs, and maintenance are critical to our success.



Our current highest priority is our Climbing Higher campaign to bring two spectacular new outdoor learning experiences to life!


And, we're always thinking ahead so additional plans for the future include:

Learning Laboratories

The Museum’s five lab spaces are used as classrooms for young children through high school programming. One lab has been updated to serve high school immersive experiences. The other four Museum lab/classroom spaces have not been updated for about eighteen years, and receive constant, hard use as essential spaces for school, family and camp experiences. We have a number of ideas about renovating to support learning around a specific discipline, including engineering, medicine, or biotechnology. The cost to upgrade a lab space ranges from $100,000 to $150,000.

Wetland Walkway

Imagine a floating “trail” that takes you over platforms out into the wetland! The platforms will be lined with plant mats that create microcosms for insects and other wetland wildlife, and offer a unique feature in Explore the Wild. The Wetland Walkway will be about 400 feet of walkway into this natural world. Thanks to initial funding from the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation for design, this project is ready to move forward once we secure construction funding of $50,000.



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