Big Bull succumbs to Big Blue

June 10, 2011 | Greg Dodge

Our Great Blue Heron seems almost proud at having captured a large Bullfrog.

Last year around this time I saw a Great Blue Heron take a Bullfrog from the Wetlands. From capture to swallow, the whole process took approximately 13 minutes. On May 19 of this year the heron (or another just like it) took another big frog out of the water. This frog was dispatched in less than ten minutes.

The heron repeatedly dropped the frog onto the mud. If the frog jumped in an attempt to escape the heron stabbed it with its bill.

After many releases, stabs and recaptures the frog had several puncture wounds causing its internal organs to emerge from its skin

Dangling motionless from its bill it was now time for the heron to gulp down its prize.

First soak the frog in the water…

Position the frog…

Assure a firm grip…

And down he goes…

Mmmmm, that was good.

Just another day in the Wetlands.

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