January 24, 2013 | Greg Dodge

A Cedar Waxwing looks around for available fruit.

Yesterday, I noticed a few Cedar Waxwings flying about the trees on the path leading towards Explore the Wild just above the Lemur House. I watched quietly as one bird preened, looked around a bit and then took off with a purpose in the direction of the Lemur House.

“There must be more of these birds around,” I said to myself, “and there must be some ripe berries somewhere over by the lemurs.”

Walking down the path I saw what the bird, and I, were looking for. About a half-dozen of the immaculately plumaged birds were fluttering about in the tangle of trees and vines just off the path. There was a honeysuckle vine in amongst the tangle and the waxwings were picking off the few black berries that remained on the plant.

Never a hair out of place.

Where there’s one waxwing, there’s usually more. I later saw these birds join up with ten or so more of their kind, fly a few circles above the Wetlands, and descend on a pair of small hollies in Explore the Wild. More about that in a few days.

Enjoy the pictures.

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