Who’s out and about?

March 4, 2013 | Greg Dodge

Some turtles…

This little Yellow-bellied Slider was basking a dozen feet or so from the Wetlands Overloook (2/27/13).

Our old friend “Chip” (arrow) was also out, with some of her friends (2/26/12).

Read about Chip here.

A Mallard…

This drake Mallard is getting ready to do some spring cleaning.

A little splashing about to wash out all the dust and kinks.

Really getting into it now.

A squirrel…

This squirrel, as others of its kind do each spring, is eating elm buds.

A land bird…

Well suited for a life of foraging on the forest floor, Fox Sparrows are winter visitors to our area. They will be departing soon (3/1/13).

Fox Sparrows will come to feeders, especially when the weather turns bad. This one is typical, feeding below our feeders here at the Museum (3/1/13).

And speaking of fox…

As I was closing up for the evening I noticed this Gray Fox slowly walking through the swamp above the Lemur House. It stopped to pose for me (2/27/13).

And that’s it!

Stay tuned, more to come.

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