Still need convincing that spring’s here?

March 7, 2013 | Greg Dodge


Is that Lightnin’ and Rocky sneaking a kiss behind a tree in the Farmyard?

Truth is, both Lightning and Rocky are frantically licking the same treat placed on the tree by the Animals Keepers, but they had me going for a minute or two.

Please read on.

Ranger Rock spotted two Red-shouldered Hawks either passing an object between one another, or placing sticks on a potential nest. I’d heard the birds calling from that location just minutes before but passed it off as simply red-shouldereds doing what red-shouldereds do, making a lot of noise. Being curious, though, I went over to investigate.

Here’s what I saw…

One of the hawks appears to be placing something into a nest while the other watches.

Seconds later…

These two Red-shouldered Hawks are engaged in mating.

Seconds after that, one hawk flew off in one direction while the other flew off in another direction, calling loudly as they went.

Spring is in the air…maybe we’ll have some nesting behavior to view in the future. The scene above was within yards of the entrance to Explore the Wild.

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