What’s up in the Wild

June 10, 2013 | Greg Dodge

Here’s a little of what’s going on in the Wild at the Museum…a caterpillar.

An Eastern Tiger Swallowtaill caterpillar’s “eyes” are meant to scare, not stare (Catch the Wind).

A damselfly.

A Southern Spreadwing Damselfly. Notice how the wings are held out to the side, spread out (Wetlands).

An assassin bug.

A Wheel Bug nymph (on bungee, left side) wears a warning on its abdomen, “Don’t touch me!” As adults, a bite, or rather a poke, with their proboscis can be painful (Animal Department Gator).

A nest-building bird.

Mourning Dove nest under construction. Bird is on the left, nest on the right, “Can you see me?” (Wetlands)

A morphing frog.

Looking more like a salamander or lizard, this creature is about to become a bullfrog (Wetlands).

A tree frog who thinks it can’t be seen.

This Gray Tree Frog should stick with the trees, its camouflage doesn’t work well on Rice Paper Plant leaves (Dino Trail).

And, a bird with a frog.

Jabbing at something in the water, this green heron hopes to hit pay-dirt (Wetlands).


A closer look reveals a partial tail on this little frog. It will never make the transition to full adult.

And that’s some of what I’ve been seeing. How about you?

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