More Eggs for the Green Herons

July 2, 2013 | Greg Dodge

I checked on the Green Heron nests first thing Saturday morning (6/29). The first nest was still occupied as expected, and I was happy to see that two herons were working on the second nest (NS2) after three days of inactivity.

These two herons are busy adding fresh twigs to the second nest (6/29/13).

Late in the day I noticed one of the herons standing at the nest and could see an egg just below the bird. The birds are, without a doubt, committed to this nest site.

One egg is visible just below this heron (7/3/13).

Both heron nests now contain eggs. This is going to be an interesting summer!

I still have not seen four herons together at one time in the Wetlands. Is there only one male tending these two nest? If so, this will be a very busy summer when the eggs hatch, assuming the male helps to feed chicks in both nests.

Will the females bring food to the chicks in both nests? That will be difficult to determine without marking the birds in some way to distinguish one from the other.

Today (7/3), undaunted by the rain, the heavy ceaseless rain, both females are huddled up on their respective nests. Let’s hope they can muster enough heat to keep the eggs going.

Peeking out through the willow leaves, this heron tries to keep her eggs warm against the chill of the rain (7/3/13).

One more question, will this rain stop anytime soon?

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