Fuzzy-headed nestlings

July 22, 2013 | Greg Dodge

I’ve posted many pictures of the Green Heron nests since their discovery in our Wetlands back in June. On Thursday (7/18), just four days ago, I happily reported that one of the eggs in one of the two nests had hatched. The following day while making my last sweep of the outdoor areas of the Museum at closing time, I stopped by the nest to see if there was any progress with the residents. I took about a dozen photos. Here’s one.

The heron on nest 1 (NS1). Note the tiny gray objects below and in front of the adult.

Need a closer look?

This somewhat grainy enlargement reveals two fuzzy little nestlings (7/19/13).

The nestlings look more like little muppets than herons, but they’ll grow quickly. In the mean time, I’m going to attempt to capture more images of the little Ardeidae.

On Saturday I noticed a bit of movement below one of the adults in the second nest (NS2), the nest near the Main Wetlands Overlook, one of their two eggs has hatched! I won’t be there to observe the happenings at the nests until a day after this posts (7/23), I expect the other egg will have hatched by then.

See you in the Wetlands!

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