Spotlight: Marilyn Johnson

May 28, 2009 | Sherry Samuels

This is Keeper Marilyn. Marilyn started working in the animal department almost 6 years ago. She started working 10 hours each week, and worked herself into a full time job after about 9 months. (On the right she is trying to get a weight on an opossum).

Marilyn’s attention to detail is outstanding. She loves to learn and is always thinking of innovative things for the animals. If you need someone to help you don’t even have to ask, she’ll just jump right in. And she works hard. Really hard. When it comes to projects that are out of the normal routine (like staying until 10:00 PM to scrub the top of the aviary in Carolina Wildlife) she is the first one to volunteer, or be volunteered by everyone else (and she doesn’t mind being volunteered).
Marilyn’s a good sport too, as the rest of us tease her about a wide variety of things. She refuses to sit across from me in meetings- too much confrontation that way. She asks a ton of questions too, and is okay with the eye-rolling she gets from everyone when she asks interesting hypothetical questions.

To the left is a much younger Marilyn, walking with a much younger Scout, our Muscovy Duck.

I’ll take the older and wiser Marilyn I know now and work with her any day, although preferably not first thing in the morning- it takes her awhile to wake up).

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