Bears & Watermelon

August 13, 2009 | Sherry Samuels

Some photos of our bears when we toss watermelons in the pool. It happens like this:

1. Bear comes over to pool and tries to get watermelon without getting in the water. Many attempts made to reach watermelon with paws. Gus in particular seems to not want to go in the water too much.

2. Give up and head into water. Use paws to stabilize watermelon enough to get a good bite. Once watermelon is secure in teeth, paddle to shore.

3. Arrive on land. Shake off. Try to make sure watermelon does not roll back into pool. Try to keep your watermelon all to yourself (If Mimi gets a watermelon, she walks away with it, at least 40 feet or more, away from the pool and away from the other bears).

4. Take big bites through rind to get to the good stuff.

5. Keep working on your melon until you have worked down to the rind.

This is Virginia in the last photo. If you look closely you can see she has more than one watermelon. She is the one who goes into the pool the easiest and quickest and sometimes gets more than one. I’ve seen Gus more than once “steal” some of Virginia’s watermelons.

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