I’m back from the Red Wolf meeting

July 26, 2010 | Sherry Samuels

I am back, a day later, and much more tired then expected from the red wolf SSP master plan meeting. I know you likely just want to hear about wolf stuff but I am going to make you listen to my travel woes and show you some non-wolf photos.

I arrived in Illinois with little issue. I found it interesting to see this vending machine at the hotel. Almost all the items were sold out too!

vending machine

I met up with my red wolf friends in the morning and then we went to the Henson Robinson Zoo. The folks there were hosting the meeting.  I entered the zoo and was greeted by some penguins. I love the fact that other people use colored cable ties to ID animals too!

Right before the meeting began Kim informed Will that she had an extra pen at her facility for red wolves.  I made sure to document the event as any extra space for red wolves is an amazing gift.

Will Waddell and Kim Scott

We visited a wolverine- we stayed a long time because it was air conditioned in his house!


This last photo, for now, I share as I seem to be having a good hair day.  Since Marilyn commented on my hair in a previous post, I thought I would share this photo.

Red Wolf SSP meeting- a good hair day for Sherry

I really do have red wolf news for you, but I will write that up later and post it.  I had incredible travel woes getting home, from being stuck in car traffic for a few hours, a few hours waiting for a plane at the airport, our pilots “timing out” of their ability to fly us home,  sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours because of the lightning storm, an extra 20 hours in the airport due to the weather. And, finally, after being ticketed on 7 different flights, to five different cities, all in an attempt to get me back home, I am indeed back in NC.

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