Terms of venery

June 15, 2011 | Jill Brown

There are different definitions for this word, but in the form of this blog post,  terms of venery are collective nouns that describe groups that animals are in. No, this is not a English lesson so you don’t have to worry about studying.For example, everyone is familiar with a pack of wolves or a herd of cows. Sometimes these words can change just by action of an animal. An example of this would be a group of geese are a gaggle, but if those same geese were flying they would be refereed to as a skein of geese. Read below and see if you have even heard of these:

Skulk of foxes,troubling of goldfish,shiver of sharks,parliament of owls,kaleidoscope of butterflies,cloud of bats,zeal of zebras,smack of jellyfish,knot of toads,crash of rhinos,kettle of hawks,wake of buzzards,leap of leopards,sloth of bears,troop of kangaroos,trip of goats,business of ferrets,risk of lobsters,prickle of porcupines,dray of squirrels and a tower of giraffes.

Zeal of Zebras


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