Cassandra explores the vet room

September 1, 2012 | Kimberly Lawson

Ring Tailed Lemur training is going well! Here’s where we were last time Lemurs in Crates.

Cassandra sitting on the exam table

Last week with  guidance from Julie Grimes and assistance from our Vet Keeper Katy, I let Cassandra, our female ring tailed lemur, out in the vet room. The idea was to let her out of her crate into a vet room cage. This is where she will spend a little time on the day of her physical. In training terms we are desensitizing her to the vet room. After awhile, I asked her to go back into the crate- but she was quite curious and had other plans. Cassandra slowly made her way around the vet room checking things out. Lycus was in the vet room (he stayed in his crate), she spent some time visiting with him and even explored the cage on her own again. Then she climbed the vet room cages for a couple minutes, she made her way down quickly for a couple craisins. When it was time to go back into her crate- she did!

She went back in the crate on her own. Success!!!

It took some time and patience but seeing her explore in such a stress free manner was quite amazing! Katy was great back-up when I ran out of training treats and Julie helped keep me calm when I began to worry. Overall it was a great experience for all of us and we plan to do it a few more time before lemur physicals in Sept.

Katy snapped a few pictures too.

Cassandra checks out the vet room cage

Cassandra visiting Lycus in his crate


Climbing up

Cassandra exploring

Queen of the vet room

Climbing down

Notice Max’s neck cradle?

the power of craisins

Cassandra reaching out for Lycus


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