Ultrasound for a Snake

July 16, 2013 | Sherry Samuels

Last Thursday Katy and I took Todd, our black rat snake in for an ultrasound of his heart. Since Dr. Godshalk, a board certified veterinary radiologist, doesn’t have a lot of snakes for clients, we had to bring a “normal” snake so she could compare the heart of one to the other. We took the snakes to VSH in Cary- this is where, 3 years ago, Dr. Godshalk helped us out with Cassandra’s brush with death. All went well.

Todd was a great patient!

G, our healthy corn snake was used as a comparison, and we checked out the anatomy poster before beginning.


Dr. Godshalk checked out G first to get some normal sizes to compare to.


We learned that Todd’s heart is huge- and not in a good way. We’ll gather the results and figure out the best next steps.


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