Forensic February

February 4 – March 1
Tues–Saturday | 10:30am – 2:30pm
A whole month of forensic fun!

Free with admission

Mystery is afoot and we need your help to solve the case! Join our Lab team and dust for fingerprints, take a shoeprint and analyze animal hairs found on the scene. Learn how insects play a role in forensics as we study the exoskeletons of bugs and meet live invertebrates. Add your clues to investigation boards and watch as the evidence builds day by day.


February 4–8
The Hint in the Prints
Use magnetic powder to dust for fingerprints and take a shoeprint using a chemical coater and chemically sensitive paper.

February 11–15
The Evidence in the Ink
Experiment with chromatography to find out which pen the suspect used! Examine the note left at the crime scene and learn about the science of handwriting analysis.

February 18–22
The Find in the Fibers
Analyze different animal hairs under the microscope and conduct a dye test to see which fiber the suspect was wearing!

February 25 – March 1
The Clue in the Bugs
Use a USB microscope to study the exoskeletons of different bug types and meet real, live invertebrates that you can touch!

See our special Forensics Teen Night, February 7!

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