Sunday, September 14, 2014

All Day

Walk of the Week

How many alpacas equal one cow?

DOWNLOAD MAP with clue and path.

Share a photo or drawing of your discovery at #walkoftheweek.
free with admission
2 PM

Meet the Keeper

Join Animal Keepers at our Explore the Wild animal exhibits and learn what it is like to care for black bears, red wolves and lemurs.
free with admission
2:30 PM

Spiders, Frogs and Other Feeding Frenzies

Join our Entomologist and watch as giant spiders, poison dart frogs and other predators in the Insectarium devour their daily meal.
free with admission
3 PM

Butterfly Releases

Join us as we release new exotic butterflies into the Magic Wings Conservatory.
free with admission
4:30 PM - 5 PM

Farmyard Up Close

Help the Animal Keepers close the Farmyard for the evening and learn more about your favorite Farmyard animals.
free with admission