School's Out Day Camps 2014-15

Starting in September!
Ages: PreK– Grade 5
$65/day Members
$75/day General public
Hours: 8am – 5pm
Sprout Café boxed lunch option: $6/day
(Options: turkey sandwich or pb&j)

Learn about some of your favorite science topics with hands-on activities, crafts and exhibit exploration throughout the Museum all day long!

September 25, 2014
Movie Maker

Spend the day making movies at the Museum! Pick your props and set the stage as you try your hand at different movie-making techniques. Design and draw storyboards to plan your movie, use stop-motion animation to create your scenes, and become a Foley artist as you make sounds to match the action.

October 27, 2014
Spooky Chemistry

Try out your skills as a Mad Scientist! Study spooky slides of snakeskin and spider fangs under the microscope, make foggy bubbles with dry ice, and stir up a gooey, glow-in-the-dark concoction to take home.

November 11, 2014
Treasure Trackers

Adventures await! Explore the science of navigation while searching for treasure at the Museum. Learn about satellites, GPS, and other space-age navigation tools when we hunt for a geocache hidden on museum grounds. Become a letterboxer by crafting your own set of letterboxing tools, sharpening your orienteering skills, and solving riddles to find a letterbox!

January 19–20, 2015

(2-day camp)
Kitchen Chemistry*
Stir up your scientific curiosity!  Create concoctions that pop and fizz and explore chemical changes as we bake some tasty treats.  Learn about nutrition and test your favorite foods for vitamins in the food lab, then start your own snack garden to take home!

*Special price for Kitchen Chemistry
$130 for members,
$150 for non-members.

February 27, 2015
Oceans Alive!

Dive into the biggest portion of the Earth's surface, our oceans! We will investigate different marine environments from the shores to the deep sea, and the organisms that live in each. Do crabs need oxygen? By testing the chemical properties of water, campers will answer this question and more as we explore what makes up our oceans and atmosphere. Campers will use different materials to explore how water moves and is moved. The buoyancy game will rise to the top of their list of things they'll want to share with you!