Programs for Juniors

Geocacher March 8 or 9 | Animal Overnight March 14-15
March 8 | 9:00am
March 9 | 12:00pm

Animal Habitats Overnighter 
March 14-15 | 5:30pm - 9:00am

Please note that registration for these programs takes place through Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines. Questions should be directed to Girl Scout Program Director.
Geocaching is your chance to be part global explorer, part detective! Search for treasure chests, called "geocaches," using a GPS receiver to uncover each chest's secret hiding spot. We've hidden them around the museum grounds and filled them with science prizes - can you find them all? 
**This program fulfills the requirements for the Geocacher badge. 

Animal Habitats Overnighter
Imagine meeting a chinchilla in its mountain home, or slithering through the savanna with a ball python. We might not be able to meet these animals in their wild habitats, but we can study them up close at the museum! 

**This program fulfills the requirements for the Animal Habitats badge.