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Accepting contest entries now!


Create a "whatchamacallit" just like what you can find in Springs, Sprockets & Pulleys and be entered to win a one-of-a-kind hour-long workshop with Steve Gerberich. 

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How to enter: 


  • Design a creation using at least one found or recycled object. Old shoeboxes, bottle topcs, paper tubes, brads, twist ties and more - Think outside the box and get creative!
  • Bring your design to life. Incorporate movement into your piece. Will parts of your creation bend, flap, fold, swivel or twist? You decide!
  • Snap a picture of your creation and share it with us on Facebook, Twitter @lifeandscience, Instagram or you can submit your entry via email to YOU MUST INCLUDE THE HASHTAG #GETGERBOIZED WITH YOUR IMAGE so we can make sure to catch all those fabulous creations!
  • Winners will be picked by Steve Gerberich and will be judged based on creative use of materials and moveable fun.
  • Stay tuned and spread the word! We'll be announcing three winners - so check your email and social media accounts then to see if you've won a one-of-a-kind workshop with artist Steve Gerberich for you and three guests on Sunday, March 9, 2014.