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Party Times

Sat: 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm
Sun: 12:30pm, 3pm
Weekday parties available upon request.


Private Train Rides

For $100 you and your guests can ride a private birthday train!

Saturday: 12:20, 1:20, 2:20, 3:20

Sunday: 1:20, 2:20, 3:20pm

$255 members
$280 non-members



  • All day admission for 12 children and 40 people total
  • 30-minute themed interactive program
  • Party room for 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Free museum E-invites
  • Additional guests $7 per person

Party Themes

Animals  ages 3–10

Get up close and personal with some of our animals. A great educational party and always a hit with all ages.  Older children can dissect owl pellets for a very unique experience.

Butterflies  ages 3–7

Take a picture hunt through the conservatory and learn about the life of a butterfly. 

Bugs  ages 3–7

Our bugs won't bug you! Learn about the unique, tiny world of insects.  Meet one of our insects up close and  enjoy some "bugging" games.


Dinosaurs  ages 4–8

Learn about fossils; make a plaster cast to take home and enjoy interactive games and lots of hands-on fun. 


Experiments  ages 7–10

For the scientist in your child! Participate in experiments and watch cool demonstrations using common household ingredients.  

Basic Party

$155 members
$180 non-members

Ages 1-12



  • All day admission for 20 children and 40 people total    
  • Party room for 1 hour
  • Free museum E-invites
  • Additional guests $7 per person

Need more time?
Ask about extending!

girl eating cake
Add on a cake (below)... 

Add-On Packages


Pizza for 20: 3 cheese pizzas, 1 gallon lemonade or water. $55


Pizza for 40: 6 cheese pizzas, 2 gallons lemonade or water. $90


Additional pizzas: $15 each.


Add tableware:  Package includes tablecloths, pizza plates, cake plates, cups, napkins, and forks.

Package for 20 ($15); Package for 40 ($30)


Cake for 20: Decorated quarter-sheet size cake, $55

Cake for 40: Decorated half-sheet size cake, $95. 


Our cakes come from local bakers. Choose from double chocolate or French vanilla cake, and chocolate or vanilla buttercream frosting!



**Prices subject to change. 

Cake and Pizza

Pizza & Cake for 20: 3 cheese pizzas, themed cake, 1 gallon lemonade or water. $100


Pizza & Cake for 40: 6 cheese pizzas, themed cake, 2 gallons lemonade or water. $180



Use of refrigerator/freezer space available but may be limited.  Each classroom also has CD player available for use. 

Gift Bags $4.99/bag

Choose the butterfly or dinosaur gift bag.
(Click on image to see it larger.)

 Dinosaur Gift BagButterfly Gift Bag

What people are saying about our parties:

We had a GREAT time yesterday with Kaitlyn's party- the educators did an awesome job with the kids and really geared it toward their attention and energy level.  It was the first *real* birthday party we've done- absolutely no stress and we all got to enjoy it.  Thanks!  

Parties at other play facilities are fun for kids, but the Museum of Life Science provides not only fun but a unique educational experience that the kids will remember for their lifetime.

I received comments from my guests that “this was the best 3-year-old party they ever attended.”

The party experience was absolutely perfect.  I have always hesitated to do a party outside our home/clubhouse/playground because of both the cost and the limitations/restrictions.  Not the case here- so much was provided yet we had the freedom to bring our own items to customize the experience for our son.  This party was worth every penny.  We got a well equipped party room with a place for everything (food, gifts, pinata hook, etc); lots of dinosaur items to keep the kids entertained as they arrived, a wonderful program that everyone loved, and an educator that was not only great with the kids, but with us as well (I've been to many parties at other locations where the party liason is very pushy and controlling...this was NOT the case!)  Overall a wonderful, memorable experience for our son and his friends.

Parasaurolophus cake
We have had birthday parties for our two boys there since my oldest son was 2 – he turns 5 this year! It is always a great experience, and many of the same people come year after year. It’s never a bore and there is always something new to see! The staff is very helpful, from putting up decorations, to handing out cake. Talk about stress-free and fun party – this is the place!

Very friendly staff... tried to make sure dragon cakeeverything went as smooth as possible.

Our party facilitator... was outstanding.  He was organized and very helpful. The kids were entertained the entire time. I don't think that any of them even noticed that their parents were there.

This was a great place to host a birthday party
, especially in the Leplab. After the birthday party, most of the kids enjoyed visiting the butterfly room downstairs. Another great perk of having a birthday at the museum was that it allowed our guests to enjoy the museum with their families the remainder of the day. Our daughter is ready to celebrate her birthday at the museum already. BTW, the cake was beautiful and tasty too:)