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The Best of Springs, Sprockets & Pulleys:
The Mechanical Sculptures of Steve Gerberich

Press a button or crank a wheel, and with a whirring hum, the sculptures of New York-based artist and tag sale purveyor Steve Gerberich come to life! A flock of decoy geese flap overhead with open suitcase wings, a wooden cow with hooves clad in high-top sneakers is milked by a farmer and more. Constructed from recycled and found materials such as old machine parts, kitchen utensils, lighting fixtures, toys and carnival figurines, this highly entertaining exhibit offers museum-goers a unique way to interact with contemporary sculpture and explore the principles of simple mechanical motion.


This is one ‘art meets science’ experience you won’t forget!

The Bowling Pin Factory Rollie the Drummer Cash Cow
Flying Geese

The Bowling Pin Factory

The machines are connected by belts to a hundred-year-old line shaft. One worker, upper torso made of a ship's gyroscope bolted to a lobster pot, pivots as he carves a bowling pin from a block of wood.

The Gerberich Grand Orchestra

A bespectacled seven-foot-tall conductor with cotton mop hair raises and lowers his baton to direct six moving magicians. Rollie on Drums can be seen above.

Cash Cow

(TOP) A kettle-head farmer endlessly milks this exercise-bike-powered wooden Holstein whose udders go up and down.

The Flying Geese

(BOTTOM)Three wooden Canada Geese fly over a field of red flag poppies. A system of ropes and pulleys attached to a single motor cause their suitcase wings to flap slowly.